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Keyboard dust cover / mouse pad / wiping cloth 3in1

Fruit Section
Red Herring

Product features:

Keyboard dust cover / mouse pad / wiping cloth 3in1 design.
In addition to the mouse pad, it can also be used as a keyboard dust cloth to block dust and prolong the life of the pen.
The grease on the mobile phone / flat panel can be wiped off instantly, which can be used to clean any LCD screen.
Designed with nano anti slide particles, it changes into mouse pad in one second, which is stable and not easy to slide.
The material is soft and smooth with excellent touch. It is durable and does not scratch the equipment. It can be washed repeatedly.
Designed and manufactured in Taiwan with guaranteed quality.
Free freight (limited to Taiwan Island).

Product specification:
The outer package is 32cm long and 15.2cm wide
The actual body length is 28cm and the width is 14.8cm
Color: Flower / fruit / red crane