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Request for return and exchange.

All shopping at the whole station enjoys the rights and interests of the goods to the goods in the goods arrival , and if you receive any problems with the goods , you can apply for a return within seven days .If you need to exchange goods, please request a return before placing the order again.

Consumer Protection Act

Consumers have the right to observe the goods within seven days of arrival (including holidays) (the day after receipt of the goods is counted as the first day), and those who wish to return the goods are requested within seven days, and the overdue is not accepted.

The observation period is not a probationary period.The returned goods must be in a new state and be restored to complete packaging (including product body, accessories, giveaways, warranties, original packaging).(bags, boxes, paper)and the integrity of all accompanying documents or materials), please do not miss any accessories, do not disassemble and inspect goods or damage.
The original box and the original packaging are part of the goods, lost, damaged or missing parts will affect your return of the interest, may also be based on the degree of damage to reduce the necessary costs for the return of the original.
Goods are unsealed, used, and lack ingenuity is the loss of re-sale value and cannot be returned.

Return Specification S.

Apply for a refund.

  • The merchandise contains the integrity of the body, accessories, giveaways, warranties, packaging (bags, boxes, paper) and all accompanying documents or materials, with out of pocket or damage without refund (except defective s/
  • Application for return from the next day to count 15 working days, because can not be contacted, the goods can not be returned to complete the return job, will automatically cancel the return application, and can not reapply.
  • If the purchase of goods is computer software, game DISCs, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, food, supplies, personal hygiene supplies, etc. once unsealed can not return the original goods, unless unsealed after found as defective products, otherwise once unsealed can not handle returns.
  • The invoice is not stored in the return of the item.

"Exchange specification s/

Request a change of goods.

  • The goods are mainly changed due to their own defects, and if they are more than seven days of observation (including holidays), please do not accept the exchange service. In order to avoid disputes, please do accept them after arrival.
  • Discounted activities, flash purchase combination goods, do not provide color selection of exchange services.
  • Repair replacement application more than seven days observation period, need to bear part of the repair, parts replacement, send replacement... etc. (Except for warranty products)
  • If you purchase a computer software, a game DISC,Cd.Vcd.Dvd.Food, supplies, personal hygiene supplies, etc. once unsealed, can not return to the original status of goods,Unless the unsealed product is found to be defective, once unsealed, can not handle the return and exchange.
  • If the goods are malfunctioned, damaged, scratched, scratched,If the dirty or broken packaging is so incomplete that it can no longer be sold, please do not accept the exchange.
  • Because each computer has a different screen resolution,Site photos sometimes have color differences with actual products.Replacement standards still need to be determined by the manufacturer after the main.

Refund Job Description

  • Credit card payment: The payment will be credited to the original credit card, and the credit card settlement date has been crossed during the refund operation, and the fee will be refunded to the next month's bill.
  • ATM Transfer: The money will be remitted back to the original remittance account number, please log in to the online bank or swipe the passbook to confirm.
  • Full credit with a cash gift card will be automatically replenished after confirming the cancellation of the order.
  • Purchase of goods to be given a discount volume to offset the amount of consumption, once the discount is successful, please can not be forgiven in the cancellation of orders, returns when the request for a refund of the discount volume.

Invoice discount job

Download the discount order.

  • Current donations and electronic invoices do not need to fill out a discount slip, 3AbestBuy will be processed on behalf of the discount job, cross-month invoices once declared must fill in the discount slip to complete the refund job.
  • Triple invoice: Due to the needs of accounting operations, please download the discount slip to fill in the seal and send back or take a photo email reply.
  • Return job has to apply for a triple paper invoice, in.Invoice/discount order.After sending it back.We will refund you within 7-10 working days.
  • Complete the discount job, the system will again open the completed discount single serial number notification letter, this for the refund notice please leave a background check.