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Refund progress inquiry

When ordering goods, there is an application entity (paper) invoice, and the refund process will receive a message with the subject line:Notice of issuance of discount order (...), Please download, print, fill in and stamp the discount slip according to the content and send it back to remind you to complete the refund slip before you can proceed with the subsequent refund process.

In general return and refund operations, after confirming that the pre-ordered goods are not shipped/returning the returned goods are correct, depending on the payment method, please refer to the following:

• ATM transfer, the money will be returned to the original bank account of the remittance within 7 days (not including 6 days), please confirm with the bank.
• For a one-time credit card payment, the payment will be refunded to the original credit card within 7 days (not including 6 days). If the credit card checkout date has passed during the refund operation period, the fee will be refunded to the next month's bill.
• Credit card installment
All returns will be credited to the original credit card within 7 days (excluding 6 days).
Part of the returned goods will be refunded by ATM transfer within 7 days (not including 6 days).

*Partial returns, the bill is still in installments, if you need to pay in advance, please contact the issuing bank
The refund flow does not include six days and national holidays.

Please pay attention to whether there is any letter in the email box and junk mail filled in for order, so as not to miss the notification of the system such as order, shipment, refund.. etc.