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SOURCE Bubble Water Machine - Red.


Product features.

  • Automatic bottle-locking device.
  • Three-stage bubble content indication.
  • Tap 3 and cool bubble water is finished.
  • No power, no power.
  • Swiss Master of Design - Works by Yves B?har.

Product introduction.

SodaStream features:
1. Simple, exclusive special-tune bubble drink 30 seconds instant!
2. Creative, bubble volume as you want to adjust, syrup fruit let you adjust!
3. Economy, only 2.75 yuan per cup (250ml) sparkling water, less than 1/10 of the market!

Source model features:
1. Works by Yves B?har, a well-known Swiss designer.
2. Water drop pattern bubble content indicator, control bubble content is easier.
3. Automatic bottle-locking device, no need to manually rotate the lock bottle!
4. Hide the functional top air block, the whole machine design is more streamlined!

Product specifications.

Origin: Israel.
Warranty: Two years.
Product size (cm): High 42.5cm front width 12cm side width 21.5cm.
Color box size (cm): L-30 W-14 H-44 (cm)
Weight (kg): 4.7.
Material: Plastic.
Content: 1. Source Bubble Water Machine (Black) 1 into 2. CO2 supplement cylinder (425g) 1 in 3. Pott Bottle (black) (1L) 1 in 4. CO2 cylinder use specification book 5. Product manuals and warranties.