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Quick Baked Clothes Shoe Rack/Portable Dry Clothes Rack

Commodity characteristics

  • Cold and Hot Air Adjustable
  • Convertible Collection
  • Design of Folded Hook
  • 3 hours quick dry
  • Windpipe Removable
  • Tourism/Home Necessities

Portable Dry Clothes
The Combination of the Two Industries
No longer drying clothes on the balcony or yard in the old way, you can dry clothes directly inside the house.
(3 hours quick drying)
Air duct at both ends, linear outlet at bottom of fuselage, ensure uniform clothing, quick drying.
"Perfect Support for All Clothing"
✔Clothing ✔Suits ✔T-shirt ✔Skirts ✔Trousers ✔Package ✔ShoesPTC Ceramics Heat, Heat Efficiency and Power Saving
"Cold Heat Switch Does Not Hurt Clothing"
Turn on and off automatically into hot air mode. Dry clothes quickly with 50 ° -60 ° warm air, with a built-in chip. Switch to cold air mode (or manually) automatically for 3 hours to make clothes smooth.
Human One Key Operation
✴Hot Air Mode (approximately 50 ° -60 °)✴Cold Air Mode (Flash Blue is Standby)
High Bearing Capacity Ultra Durable
This hanger carries up to 5kg, so you don't worry about heavy clothes.

Commodity specifications

  • [Power] 150W
  • 360g
  • [rated voltage] 110V
  • ContentDryers/Hangers * 2/Wind ducts * 2/Receipt of bags/Instruction Manual