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Papa Puppy sleeps with a touch light.

Specialty goods.
Super-germinated dog modeling, nose touch switch, adjust the brightness of the aurora-
The bottom button can be e monthly white light or yellow light, the use of the situation more network for convenience.
With the turn on this energy-saving function, can be set 30/60 minutes.
Soft silicone feel excellent, can be kneaded at will, relief sharp.
Built-in lithium battery, USB charging, reusable.

Product specifications.
Product name: stay with the lamp.
Material: ABS and silicone.
Power input: DC5V / 1A (built-in 1200mA polymer lithium battery)
Lights: White light and yellow light.
Size: 16x9x7.6cm.
Weight: 174g / 258g (including packaging)
Package size: 16.7x9.2x7.8cm.
Accessories: Charging wire x 1.
Origin: China.