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Mini mobile power travel charging cable box


product description

  • Mini power bank / storage box charging cable / spring charging cable / transmission charging cable
  • 360 screw cap design Magnetic closure to close the cover, and the charging box can be opened with a slight twist
  • Elastic charging cable, 15-85CM, the length can be stretched at will, with its own charging cable adapter, no cable when going out!
  • Battery capacity 2300mAh, mini portable power bank
  • Apple charging cable Android charging cable Type-c charging cable
  • A full set of adapters are provided, with a charging cable, and an adapter, with a three-head interface + USB
  • Fast charging 2.4A + lightning transmission combo, higher efficiency
  • The shape is small and exquisite, and it does not take up space to carry around
  • Apple+Android+type-c, all available
  • Built-in MCU and charging management IC chip, with multiple protection functions such as over current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit, etc., safe and fast charging



  • Battery capacity: 2300mAh
  • Product net weight: 103g
  • Product weight: 162.5g
  • Packing size: 9.3cm*9.3cm*4.5cm
  • Electricity flow: 5V2.4A
  • Color: black / white / red / lake green