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[Pre-order] American mifold portable safety seat

Pearl grey

 product description

  • More than 10 times smaller than ordinary safety seats, equally safe
  • The most advanced and easy-to-carry child safety seat, specially designed for children over 4 years old, 12~30 kg, 100~140 cm high
  • The seat cushion can be adjusted in 3 different widths, and the shoulder strap length is suitable for children under 12 years old
  • Folding is smaller than ipad mimi, can be put in a backpack or car front box, easy to carry and install in just 30 seconds
  • Safety testPassed the most stringent safety seat test certification in the world. EU ECE R44/04, US FMVSS 213, Canada RSSR

  • Taiwan officially passed the CNS11497 certification and approved for listing

  • It can be used in any car with you, even if 3 mifolds are used in the car, it does not appear crowded
  • Original company goods / one year warranty


Product specifications

  • Model: M-Booster
  • Folded: 25cm x 12cm x 4cm
  • Expand: 25cm x 24cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • made in China
  • Color: gray/blue/pearl gray/yellow/pink/green (with storage box)

Commodity notice
1. The color of the product may be slightly different due to shooting, and the actual product is mainly shipped by the manufacturer.
2. The photo of the product situation is for illustrative purposes, only the product body does not contain other accessories, please use the specifications as the main content.

Shipping instructions
1. The goods are free of shipping, and the goods will be sent according to the order number after the order is placed (delivered within 3 to 5 working days, and the scope of delivery is limited to the main island of Taiwan)
2. Products marked "pre-order, customized" on the product page will mainly be marked on the physical shipment or production date. (Not applicable for shipment within 3-5 working days)
3. The delivery method is delivered by the logistics house.

Cancellation notice
1. According to the "Consumer Protection Law", consumers enjoy a seven-day appreciation period starting from the day after the receipt of the goods. During this period, the application for refund is not required to bear the shipping fee. Those who wish to refund should submit it within seven days. Overdue will not be accepted.note! The hesitation period is not a trial period, The required English new state and complete packaging (including the product body, accessories, gifts, warranty, original packaging and all accompanying documents or information) of the returned goods must be returned. Do not miss any accessories, disassemble the goods yourself, or damage the original If the box outside the factory is lost, damaged or missing parts, it may affect your right to return the goods, and will also be deducted according to the degree of damage to the repair costs required for restoration
2. If the purchased goods are computer software, games, audio-visual discs, food, consumables, personal hygiene products, and pre-ordered goods/customized goods, they cannot be returned or exchanged except for defective products after unpacking

【Instructions for International Commodity Pre-order】
1. When purchasing international pre-order products, the page is marked according to the expected shipping date, please use the expected shipping date as the main.
2. Commodity orders imported from abroad need to go through the following procedures: import and export declarations, air/sea transportation, local logistics and shipments, national holidays, weather and human factors... etc. Unpredictable variables are generated. If the above variables are generated, we will update the status and arrival date of the latest international pre-order products as soon as possible. Due to sudden irresistible factors, the pre-ordered products cannot be shipped as expected. 3AbestBuyl reserves the right to cancel your order. After cancellation, it will also take the initiative to handle refunds.