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Pre-purchased: German MAWA non-toxic steel non-slip hanger 40cm (10 in)


Product features.

  • Light, non-slip hangers for clothing.
  • Suitable for lighter materials or shirts, non-slip, will not let the clothes grow out of the devil's horn.
  • Made of German cold-rolled steel, it has durability and strength, a modern, stylish minimalist look while hanging to create a unified look.
  • Space-saving design saves up to 40% of wardrobe space
  • The non-slip coating is non-toxic, the clothes hang on the hanger, the clothes hang evenly, forming a uniform appearance.
  • Patented rotating hooks.

Product specifications.

  • Length: 40cm (15.8")
  • Depth: 1cm (0.4")
  • Total height: 20cm (8")
  • Colour: white/black/red optional.
  • A group of 10.

In 1948, Martin Wagner wanted to make the best hangers in the world. This dream is a fully automated manufacturing process that combines professional machinery, professional designers/engineers and experienced sales people. MAWA pioneered market development through patented technologies such as rotating hooks, non-slip coatings and clip hangers. MAWA provides 100% "Made in Germany" hangers to 58 countries to ensure the availability of high-quality materials and designs worldwide. Managing Director Michaela Schenk made consumer safety a top priority. All materials used for production can be recycled and water consumption has been reduced by 80% in manufacturing. MAWA is certified to germany's strict ecological standards. European standards and Mawa are committed to high standards of results, resulting in products that are not harmful to customers or planets. Our non-slip trouser racks are ideal for finishing your pants. Regardless of the material, the trouser frame will not leave creases on the pants. The modern, sleek, minimalist look lets you see every item hanging in the wardrobe. Each hanger hangs at the same height as all other models of Mawa hangers for a unified look. All MAWA products hang evenly together to create a clean and tidy look that will save your wardrobe up to 40% of the space.

Steel structure.
Each MAWA hanger is made of high-quality steel and has a chrome-plated surface. Each hanger can hold up to 8 pounds.

Feel coating.

MAWA thinks your clothes should be placed on the hanger, not on the floor. See for yourself the real use of anti-slip coatings.

  • The grip coating never goes bad.
  • Wet and dry clothes are suitable.

Hanging height.
Compared to hangers, you can see the height of your pants hanging in your wardrobe and save space.

Color options.
Colored hangers give your wardrobe a unified look.

The environment is friendly.
MAWA is fighting for our planet. Extensive measures have been taken to ensure that the use of energy water is at a minimum productivity. Reducing waste and sustainability is a top priority for the German manufacturer.

Skin friendly.
MAWA is committed to ensuring that zero toxins are transferred from your hanger to your clothes. Your skin and health are our top priorities and priorities.