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Mami Aid Gertrea fashion function paper towel rack.

Alcohol red.
Titanium gold and silver.
Shining gold.

 11 x s.gt; applicable to the U.S.-rules kitchen paper towels.
This commodity has obtained multi-country patent certificate (Republic of China, Japan, Korea... etc.)
Developed by the Taiwan team, the product is the use of 430 stainless steel material, are tested in line with the strict requirements of quality, patent axis shrapnel gear design, to avoid an excessive extraction caused unnecessary waste, so that you can also use one hand at the same time easy to tear paper towels.

★With 430 stainless steel, it is durable.
★Patented shrapnel gear, can be torn with a single sheet.
★Avoid unnecessary waste and how much to take.
★The bottom is heavier and anti-slip is more convenient to use.

Product specifications:
Size: 11 inches (for Us-standard paper towels)
Model: V250, V300, V350.
Color: A alcohol wine red, B shine gold, C titanium gold and silver (style // color can be selected and matched)
Material: 430 stainless steel.
Base size: 19 to 21cm.
Origin: China.