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Pre-ordered: Hydracy with a fruit bottle 900ml.

Dream Purple
Ice Lake Blue
Fashion Black
The water is green
Bubble sugar powder
Gorgeous Orange
Lyme Green
Banana Yellow

Product features.
  • The single-button design opens the top transparent upper cover fixed by the metal ring lock, which is fully sealed and leak-proof.
  • Insulated insulation covers keep your cold drink bottles dry for longer stays warm.
  • The bottle body has a finger groove design and ring pull handle on both sides, making it easy and comfortable to hold a water bottle and suitable for most cars and cyclists.
  • 2 in 1 water bottle, just remove the injector will become an eye-catching independent water bottle.
  • Made with eco-friendly Eastman Tritan 100% non-BIs A.
  • A free getting started guide and 25 delicious recipes e-books.
Product introduction. 
Why choose hydracy fruit bottles is the best gift for your health and loved ones this year.
Enjoy drinking health:! Simply add fruits, vegetables and herbs to the soaker or outside to get the best taste along with your delicious infusion filled with vitamins and nutrients, drinking water has never been so tempting and you will easily adopt a healthy hydration habit.

Leak detection and intelligent design: single-button design, gently pressed to open the metal ring lock fixed by the up turn transparent top cover, press the buckle when can be completely sealed leak-proof, you will never again spill any liquid in the bag, manual cleaning is also very easy.
Stop buying expensive flavoured drinks, and this bottle is made from the eco-friendly Eastman Tritan 100% non-bisphenol A, which means you can use it again and again. Suitable for most cars and bike cup racks, it is also a versatile 2-in-1 water bottle that simply removes the injector and you will have a stylish sports kettle. Get ready for a lot of compliments!
Product specifications.
Origin: United States.
Color: Banana Yellow/Lyme Green/Bright Orange/Bubble gum powder/watery green/Fashion Black/Ice Lake Blue/Dream Purple.
Material: Eco-friendly Eastman Tritan 100% non-BIs A.
Size: 104x38x360 mm.
Weight: 290g.
Capacity: 900ml.
Content: A fruit bottle 900ml and an "Getting Started Guide and 25 Delicious Recipes" e-book.

Intimate reminder: This product is a personal hygiene products, based on the protection of each consumer's personal rights and interests, only for appreciation, appreciation period non-trial period. Except for defects in the pre-use goods, once under water or use, return and exchange will not be accepted.