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[pre order] gyenno spoon Lite intelligent anti shaking spoon

Product features

  • To help people with hand tremor without pressure, effectively offset 85% of hand tremor, convenient for people to eat.
  • It can help arthritis of the assistant part and help patients with Parkinson's disease or idiopathic tremor to eat more easily.
  • Easy to hold and anti slip ergonomic design | gyenno spoon weighs only 130 grams, making every meal very convenient, improving the efficiency of eating, and from now on to say goodbye to cold food.
  • Sustainable battery | spoon kit battery charging takes about 4.5 hours, and a fully charged battery can run at least 6 meals (full load operation for more than 180 minutes)
  • Safety material | made of medical grade silica gel covered with tritan, it is antibacterial and safe to eat when using this material. Tritan has passed the food and Drug Administration FDA (food contact notice (FCN) no.729)
  • Easy to clean and replaceable [tip: anxiety and tension can aggravate tremor, please relax, and it may take a few days to adjust to a new diet.]

Product specifications

  • Certification: FCC CE RoHS
  • Box input: 5.0V, 2.0A
  • Spoon voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging limit voltage: 4.2V
  • Usage time: 180 minutes (maximum)
  • Smart battery storage: 700mah
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Origin: developed with Japan, made in China

Product introduction




360° The all-round anti shake effect can effectively offset 85% of hand shaking, without worrying about the inconvenience and embarrassment caused by hand shaking. The intelligent high-speed servo control system provides accurate and fast active anti shaking function, and based on the attitude calculation technology of UAV, it brings more stable control effect. It can automatically identify and distinguish conscious movement and unconscious movement, such as eating It can effectively counteract the tremor of the hand, but does not deal with the movement of the hand.

Safe and secure
Use the safest medical grade materials
Medical tritan was used Gamma The shell is BPA Free, high temperature resistant. It has passed the FDA certification of the United States Food and drug administration. It is made of medical ultra-thin silica gel, which is heat-resistant, nontoxic and antibacterial. It is safe and harmless to use.

Simple but extraordinary
Excellent performance and minimalist operation experience often come from complex and ingenious product design
The intelligent control module, high-performance motor components, precision transmission structure and high-precision transmission sensor are integrated into the limited space to provide high-performance integrated products.
Scope of application
If your hand vibration amplitude is within 7 cm / 2.8 inches, gyenno spoon can provide the best help. Otherwise, the effect will not be obvious.
To see if gyenno spoon is right for you, use the following simple test:
1. Cut a 7 × 7 cm square hole in the center of A4 paper.
2. Ask a friend to hold the paper vertically with both hands. Take a pen and place it in the center of the hole for 20 seconds, as close as possible to the hole. Observe and pay attention to the amplitude of hand tremor. Gyenno spoon is very suitable for you if the pen can stay in the hole most of the time.
Anxiety and tension will aggravate tremor. Please relax. It may take several days to adjust the new diet. When using it for the first time, try to use it privately and keep calm. In the initial stage, please actively change various clamping positions, adjust the angle and direction to find the most appropriate configuration. Users need to learn a new way of eating, so novices are encouraged to spend at least a week Use a large, shallow bowl so that the gyenno spoon has enough space and angle. Do not apply external force to the arm with the product. Try to relax, let the arm shake naturally and let the gyenno spoon perform its function.

One Intelligent handle + spoon
Two Charging box
Three Charging cable
Four user 's manual
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