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[Pre-Order] Cuisinart CSB-79 Hand Blender

feature of product

  • Has a stainless steel body, ergonomic, non-slip design handle
  • Stainless steel matte silver
  • Voltage 110V, 60Hz, 200Watt, the capacity of the mixing cup is 500ml
  • Can be used for vegetable and fruit puree sauce, mayonnaise, soup, dip, etc.
  • Good helper for non-staple food
  • Contains main engine motor, mixer blade, mixing cup, egg beating accessories, and vegetable and fruit cutting accessories

product manual:

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Powerful 200 Watt
  • Low/High button
  • Comfortable handle
  • Stainless steel removable mixing attachment
  • Beating accessories
  • Blender blade
  • Mixing cup
  • Instruction manual and recipe booklet
  • Made in China

Cuisinart smart stick can perform at least some tasks of three types of equipment: blender, hand blender and food processor. CSB-79 is divided into five main parts: main body (and motor housing), detachable mixing shaft, chopper/shredder attachment (consisting of working bowl, reversible blade and dome-shaped cover), agitator attachment Disassembled gearbox) and a 16oz (500ml) mixing/measurement beaker.

We tested three common tasks of CSB-79. These three tasks involve three functions: the preparation of fruit smoothies, the ingredients for chopped tomato bruschetta and whipping cream.


Fruity smoothie

Fruity smoothie            

Celery root soup

Low/high dual-speed power button:. Just touch the button to start the hand blender Just press and hold the low or high button once the button is released, The mixing will stop.

Comfortable handle:The handle allows you to easily control the hand blender.

TheMixed accessories:. The accessory is easily snapped into the motor housing. The fixed stainless steel blade is partially covered with a stainless steel housing, You can minimize splashing by pressing the release button on the back of the device to remove it for easy cleaning

Shredder accessories:Use Cuisinart to connect the chopper to the main body of the mixer motor to chop hard cheese, onions, nuts, chocolate, carrots, etc., Not the mixer shaft or mixer attachment.

Mixing cup:Use this container to mix drinks, milkshakes, salad dressings, etc. 


Intimate reminder: This product is a personal hygiene product. Based on the protection of the personal rights of each consumer, it is only for appreciation. Except for the defect of the product before use during the non-trial period, it will not be returned or exchanged once it is launched or used.

Commodity notice
1. The color of the product may be slightly different due to shooting, and the actual product is mainly shipped by the manufacturer.
2. The photo of the product situation is for illustrative purposes, only the product body does not contain other accessories, please use the specifications as the main content. To

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1. The goods are free of shipping, and the goods will be sent according to the order number after the order is placed (delivered within 3 to 5 working days, and the scope of delivery is limited to the main island of Taiwan)
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2. If the goods purchased are computer software, games, audiovisual discs, food, consumables, personal hygiene products andPre-ordered products/customized products, except for defective products, cannot be returned or exchanged.

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