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Pre-ordered: Foldio 360-degree photographic rotary disk.


Product features.

  • Automatic shooting: Can be connected to a smartphone or digital camera, automatically generate 360-degree photos, fast and effective!
  • Exclusive patentHALO EDGE lighting system: improves image lighting, removes edge lines on turntables, and increases image quality.
  • Exclusive app that connects your phone, a single-eyed camera, and takes pictures more easily.

Product introduction.


Product specifications.

Origin: Designed in the United States, made in Korea.
Warranty: one year guarantee.
Material: Plastic.
Size: 250mm x 250mm x 45mm.
Weight: 150g.
Content: Foldio 360 Photography Rotating Disc Load Bearing.:5kg.
Halo: 15chips / 45cells / daylight color 5700k / white light.
Link: Mobile phone uses Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)/DSLR using infrared remote control.
Input power: DC 12V / 1.2A exclusive APP for TheFoldio360 app (iOS / Android available)
Operating temperature: 0 degrees.C.It's 40 degrees C.


What to know about the product.
1.Products due to shooting relationship color may be slightly different, the actual manufacturer-oriented shipment.
2. The commodity situation is used as a sign, only the main body of the commodity does not contain other accessories, please be based on the specifications of the contents.

Shipping instructions.
1.Free shipping of goods, goods after ordering, according to the order number to start sending (3 to 5 working days delivery, delivery range limited to Taiwan's island)
2. The goods page marked "pre-purchase, customized" goods, will be in kind shipment or production date mark-based (not applicable to 3-5 working days of shipment)
3.Delivery.The way is distributed by the logistics house.

Notes on withdrawal.
1.According to the "Consumer Protection Act" provisions, consumers enjoy the goods sign-off from the day after the seven-day appreciation period., during the period of application for refund of purchase does not have to bear the freight costs, the request for return within seven days, overdue will not be accepted.Attention! The hesitancy period is not a probationary period., returned to the original goods must be a new status in English royal sister full packaging.(including product body, accessories, gifts, warranty, original packaging and all accompanying documents or information), do not miss any accessories, self-dismantling of goods, or damage the original box if lost, damaged or missing, may affect your return of the rights and interests, will also be deducted according to the degree of damage for the recovery of the entire new cost.
2.Such as the purchase of goods are computer software, games, audio-visual Discs, food, supplies, personal hygiene products and pre-purchased goods / customized goods, except defective products can not be returned and exchanged.

"Notes on pre-ordering of international goods"
1. When purchasing international pre-ordered goods, please focus on the expected shipping date.
2. The import of goods from abroad must go through the following procedures: import and export customs declaration, air/sea transport, local logistics shipments, national holidays, weather and man-made ... If the above variables are produced, we will update the status and arrival date in the latest information on international pre-orders in the first time. Due to sudden and irresistible factors, so that the pre-ordered goods can not be shipped as expected, 3AbestBuyl will reserve the right to cancel your order, after cancellation will also take the initiative to handle the refund.