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Wood robot lamp

Vintage white
Desert green
Tiffany Green


Product Features

  • An aluminium alloy baking paint lamp shade
  • Adjustable lampshade and joint angle
  • The light projected out of the honeycomb glass is unique.
  • Weaving wires can be decorated with landscaping.
  • Handmade.

The wooden robot lamps are made of aluminium alloy and wood material as creative elements, representing a symbol of taste among brand ideas.
The main body of the design is the main color of the coffee, which uses the classic Classic Tiffany Tiffany Green as a lining, and the paint is heated with 200 ° C in powder, with a high degree of saturation and durability.What we need to convey is not just the beauty of sight, but the feeling of going home when the light starts at home and starts with a light.

Features of the wood
The wood has tough texture, good bending resistance, beautiful wood string surface pattern, beautiful grain, obvious stability and good stability.
The lifespan of the tree is about 150-300 years, while commercial use is about 30-40 years old.It is also the new favorite for furniture and lighting designers in Europe and America.

Features of aluminium alloy lamp shade
the aluminium has excellent corrosion resistance, and the aluminium has excellent surface treatment, including anode treatment, surface formation treatment, coating and plating, and the anode treatment can produce various colours and hardness films to fit for various uses.
Although the price of aluminium is higher than normal carbon steel, it is easy to recycle re-melting, and can be used as a resource for the full and efficient use of the earth.

Use Description

1. Step one, remove the lamp package.
2. Step two, before adjusting the angle of the back of the robot and the knee, release the butterfly Queen Mother before adjusting to the desired angle.
3, the butterfly nut is locked and fixed after the angle is determined, and the tool is strengthened.
4. Please install max 25W light bulbs, do not use a light bulb above 25W to prevent safety.

Commodity Specification
Material: wood/aluminium alloy/iron
Lampshade colour: Tiffany green/vintagate white/marrameberry/desert green
Size: W15.5 x D27.6 x H18 ~ 40 (cm)
Weight: 1.3 kg
Bulb type: G9 halogen lamp (can be replaced by LED bulb with the same lamp cap)
Number of watts: 25 W
Input voltage: 110 V
Lau Ming: 260 lm
Color temperature: 2700 K
Colour (Ra): 80 CRI
Life expectancy: 1500 hrs
Content: G9-wood robot lamp-Tiffany green x 1, hex tablet x 1, brochure x 1
Origin: Taiwan Design Made in Taiwan
Warranty duration: one-year warranty period