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[Pre-order]Denmark Bodum BISTRO double handle glass 300ml (2 into)

Nordic fashion aesthetics with both design and function 【Bodum】

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, the world's Design Capital,is a world-renowned brand of tea and coffee utensils,with both design and functional brand concept to develop its series of goods from coffee pots to kitchen appliances can be seen in the Bodum adhere to the aesthetics of life, its product sales territory across 55 countries, world-renowned.


Product features

  • Heat resistance: Bodum Cup made of borosilicate glass by artisan hand blow, Lighter than ordinary glass, tough, high temperature / low temperature can be used in microwave / oven.
  • 2-layer design:Crystal clear double glass wall, coffee layered clearly visible cold insulation, not hot, cold drink cup wall is not easy to produce drops of water.
  • Floating bottom, light and transparent, exudes stylish high texture charm


    Product specifications

    • Bodum BISTRO coffee cup, double insulated glass espresso cup, Transparent (set of 2 pieces)
    • Capacity specification: 300ml
    • Product size D * W * H / 90x120x110(mm)
    • Net weight of goods 440g
    • Heat-resistant temperature -20°C-180°C


    • Handmade, double glass design is not easy to have water beads
    • Borosilicate glass, safe / heat resistant/wear resistant
    • Can be used for cooking,high safety
    • Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass

    Create a true gourmet dining feast with Bodum BISTRO's double〜layer Cups-the collection's unique design uses a beautiful presentation of soups and desserts for large party entertainment.


    Product use precautions
    1.Each glass is blown by a professional craftsman, so the height and weight may vary slightly, the cup or Edge will be slightly uneven, subject to receipt of the real product shall prevail.
    2.To maintain the service life of the glass, follow the instructions below and can be used in microwave / oven/dishwasher(heat resistant up to 180 degrees)
    3.Do not heat directly on the fire.
    4.Use a soft scrub when cleaning.

    Product information
    1.Product due toShootingThe relationship between the color may be slightly different,the actual manufacturer shipped mainly
    2.Only the main body of the product does not contain other accessories.

    Shipping instructions
    1.Free Shipping on orders.(Delivery within 3-5 working days, delivery range is limited to the island of Taiwan)
    2.Product page marked "pre-order, customized" products, will be physical shipment or production date marked mainly
    3.Delivery by logistics delivery.

    Refund notice
    1.According to the Consumer Protection Act, consumers are entitled to a seven-day appreciation period from the day after receipt of the goods, There is no need to bear the shipping cost to apply for a refund during the period.Attention!The hesitation period is not a probation period, Return the goods must be English new state royal sister complete packaging(Including product body,accessories,gifts, warranty, original packaging and all accompanying documents or information), do not miss any accessories,self-dismantling business, Or damage to the original carton if lost,damaged or missing pieces, may affect your return rights, will also be deducted according to the degree of damage required for the restoration of the whole new cost
    2.If the goods purchased are computer software,games,audio-visual discs,food, consumables,personal hygiene andPre-order goods/customized goods,except defective products can not be returned

    [International goods pre-order instructions】
    1.When purchasing international pre-order products,please focus on the expected shipping date
    2.Goods imported from abroad orders need to go through the following procedures: Import and export customs clearance,air / sea, local logistics shipments, national holidays,weather and man-made...If the above variables are generated,We will be the first time to update the status and arrival date of international pre-order products in the latest information。3abestbuyl reserves the right to cancel your order.