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【3ABESTBUY】 UV UV sterilization smart toothbrush disinfection rack/ non -trace avoidance/ free plug

UV UV sterilized toothbrush, smart toothbrush disinfection rack, free drilling, easy installation! Starting one -click, adults and children will operate, set up four toothbrushes to facilitate drain, sterilize and storage at a time!

feature of product:
★UV induction technology Intelligent sterilization does not hurt the skin
★Disinfection 2 times a day, 2 minutes each time, and can be charged for 2 months at a time
★Built -in magnetic device, humanized design, open the cover by pressing the switch, and open the lid to open the cover
★Environmental protection materials 360 ° Smalog and mute work, two kinds of power supply methods
★UV UV high -efficiency sterilization, destroy details from the source to defend your teeth health
★Four independent toothbrushes, scientific arc toothbrush pendants to suspend the brush to reduce touch pollution

installation method:
▼ First use the rag to clean the water stains on the wall to prevent the adhesion of the stains from the effect of dust and water stains.
▼ Then remove the product back, tear the powerful rubber sticker, and stick it on the product backplane
▼ Put it on a clean wall and wait for 24 hours to hang a toothbrush disinfectioner
▼ This is simply installed and completed
▼ There are two modes of charging display. When charging, the red light is turned on, and the green light is full.
▼ After the toothbrush is used, please leave the water stains on the toothbrush first, and then put it back to the toothbrush rack to disinfect and sterilize.

Power supply:
▲ Use the mobile phone charger (5V) to charge, generally charging for about 2 to 3 hours; it can also be charged directly with mobile power.
▲ You can also directly insert a 5V USB charger (general mobile phone charger) directly power supply.

Toothbrush disinfection method:
● There are four independent placing ports of the toothbrush disinfection, which can meet the four of the family.
● After the toothbrush is used, wash and dry it, hang the ultraviolet toothbrush rack, close the lid, press the key, enter the automatic ultraviolet disinfection state, it will stop automatically after 360 seconds (6 minutes), and the sterilization rate is as high as 99%.
● Avoid excessive water stains splashing on the ultraviolet lamp tube and avoid hitting (rushing).
● Press the button switch and close the lid ultraviolet rays to open the work and disinfection.

【Product specifications】
Product name: UV toothbrush disinfection device
Product size: 200*75*40mm
Product power supply: DC9V/AC110-220V
Product current: 345MA
Lantern life:> 8000H
Material: ABS, acrylic lenses
made in China
color: White
Power supply information: USB
Voltage: 5V-1A
Contents: UV sterilization toothbrush rack X1, hook X1, 3M glue X1, Micro USB charging cable X1