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[3ABESTBUY] MCDODO Mago Type-C charging cable PD fast charging 100W ultra-ill flash charging cable


feature of product

  • One can be compatible with all Type-C devices
  • With 100W charger output, it can reach up to 100W
  • Intelligent matching device needs current stable voltage security protection
  • 5A large current compatible Huawei FCP, Qualcomm QC4.0 and other fast charge
  • Core upgrade transmission is stable and fast, 24K gold plating head antioxidant and not black
  • Support Huawei/Xiaomi fast charge 5A large current, compatible Huawei FCP, Qualcomm QC4.0 and other fast charge
  • Full of MacBook Pro, 100W high -power output, fragmented time full of laptop computers (need to match fast charging head)
  • 24 Gold -plated head anti -oxidation does not cause black
  • Add a 24 gold -plated layer, wear resistance and antioxidant

Product specification

  • Total power: 100W (MAX)
  • Current: 5A (MAX)
  • Material: zinc alloy + 24K gold plating + fishing net silk
  • Commodity weight: 60g / 82g (including packaging)
  • Line length: 200 cm
  • Guarantee: The wire is consumable, the warranty is 1 month (it is recommended to receive the product to check whether the flaws are missing)