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【3ABESTBUY】 MCDODO Intelligent Power Off /Fast Charging Line /iPhone Charging Cable /Transmission Line /Fast Charging /Apple

The latest seventh generation in evolutionary gold -plated connector+weaving body+smart light control+full core upgrade
Intelligent power off -power disconnection + intelligent patchwork + dual -core protection + safety low temperature + 3A fast charge

feature of product:
  • Built -in dual -core protection chip, one core control fast charge, one core safety protection
  • After full charging, every 2 hours, automatically fill the mobile phone for mobile phone, ensure that the mobile phone is not virtual, and the mobile phone battery is more durable
  • Upgrade 3A current, charging faster, 188 copper core cables
  • Gold -plated connector 24K gold -plated layer, wear -resistant and oxidation, more sensitive contact
  • The thread body uses flexible nylon waterproof woven fish silk wire, which is more abrasion and pull -up
  • SR full coverage replenish network tail, built -in copper buckle fixed, the protection of the joint is not bad
  • Quick charge state shows green breathing lights
  • 100%state 30 minutes ~ 1 hour The lights are turned off to automatically power off. After about 120 minutes of power off, intelligent automatic circulation and power replenishment

【Product specifications】:

  • Brand: MCDODO Mago
  • Function: charging/transmission/LED light display/power off/power supply
  • Material: zinc alloy+nylon fish silk woven
  • Color: black, red, green
  • Current: 5V/3A MAX
  • Line length: 180cm