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【3ABESTBUY】 Fedexing LED makeup mirror supplement light mirror desktop dressing mirror


feature of product:

  • Comparable to the sunlight high -clear accuracy color rendering
  • Beauty endless "mirror" to enjoy dressing time
  • Restoring makeup colors to create your own dressing room❤
  • 1: 1 Restore the real proportion of the face shape
  • Soft light mirror 360 ° ring -shaped filling
  • 5 times magnetic absorbing mirror, the details are clearly visible
  • Touch switch design, touch is bright, long press can adjust the brightness
  • Wuji Brightness Adjustment, with different occasions in different occasions
  • Storage card slot chassis, neat hygiene and space saving space
  • USB charging is not affected by the "line" systemMirror 90 ° Rotation adjustment station. You can make up for sitting
  • LED lamp beads durable energy saving and environmental protection
  • Built -in 1,000 mAh lithium battery, continuously charging energy saving and environmental protection

Product specifications:

  • Product Brand:: Fei Seli
  • Product name :: LED makeup mirror
  • Color: cherry blossom powder. Mint green. Ivory white
  • Material: ABS.TPS. Pressure. Glass
  • LED color temperature: 6500 ± 500K
  • Battery type: lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Use time: Gao Liang is often about 2h
  • Weight: 565G
  • Product size :: 212 x 300mm
  • Packaging size :: 330 x 210 x 70mm
  • Product content: Mirror host, USB charging cable, round 5x mirror, instructions

1. Charging method:
This makeup mirror only supports charging after charging, non -installed battery use, the mirror body has a USB charging socket (no plug)
2. Charging time: It can be fully charged for about 8-12 hours. For the first time, use the full charging and use it to discharge.
3. Use tips:
In order to extend the life of the makeup mirror, it is recommended to use it after charging, please do not use it while charging