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【3ABESTBUY】 Fart egg cat bowl/pet bowl

Big Orange Egg Bowl
Cow and egg bowl
Shallow Sanhua Egg Bowl
Deep three flowers fart bowl


feature of product:

  • After 13 artisans handmade
  • Smooth glaze, ㄧ rush is clean
  • Double -layer bowl bottom of the egg bowl, increase the height of eating, 30 degrees tilted and comfortable.
  • The fart bowl of a single layer of the bowl is large, the buttocks of the fart, the diameter of the fart is increasing, the face is not stuck, and the thick bottom non -slip sand is not easy to fall.

Product specifications:

  • Net weight: 900g
  • Capacity: 150g of grain/200ml of water (egg bowl)
  • 350g of grain/water 1000ml (fart bowl)
  • Material: strengthen porcelain soil
  • Place of Manufacturing: China

1. Due to the uneven water in the process of firing the porcelain soil at high temperature, tiny black dots, bubbles, and pores may occur during contraction.
2. When the ceramic is fired, the bottom and the cutting board are sticky and not glazed, not quality.