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【3ABESTBUY】 Bush Electric Aluminum Alloy Carrying Solid Scattering Smedy



Product Description

  • Suitable for all laptops: commonly applicable to laptops from 10 to 17.3 inches from almost all sizes
  • Six gear heights, free adjustment of use height, modify the sitting position
  • The bottom of the bottom basket is empty design, the air flows quickly heat dissipation
  • Complete non -slip silicone, use it without slipping
  • You can increase the laptop from 7cm above the desktop to 15.5cm
  • Use aluminum alloy material to support more stable support
  • The bracket is made of high -quality aluminum alloy, with beautiful polishing rounded corners
  • Rubber pads located on the top and front of the front, it can fix the laptop stably and protect your device from any scraping or sliding to the greatest extent.
  • Protect your eyes and help improve your physical posture
  • The maximum contract weight is 20 kg