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[3ABESTBUY] Carrier car users with negative ion air purifiers


feature of product:

  • A negative ion air purifier for vehicle
  • Three -stage purification,
  • Smart screen
  • HEPA filter honeycomb design Purifying aldehyde effectively remove indoor odors
  • Easy to carry, appearance fashion design


Product specifications:

  • Size: 74x74x171mm
  • Voltage: DC5V
  • Weight: 240g
  • Output power/current: 4.5W
  • Charging method: USB Type-C
  • made in China
  • Guarantee period: 6 months
  • Contents: host x1, instructions x1, USB charging cable x1

Function operation:

  • Key "M" function: Click the "M" button for the first time, start the automatic mode, the fan switch gear according to the air quality; click the "M" button for the second time, the manual mode is one gear, click the "M" button No. 1 Three times, turn to the second gear of the manual mode, click the "M" button for the fourth time, and turn to the fifth time of the "M" button for the third gear of the manual mode to turn off the machine.
  • Negative ion function: Long press the "M" button for the first time, turn on the negative ion, long press the "M" button for the second time, and turn off the negative ion.
  • Type-C input socket: Product Type-C input port can supply power to the product.
  • USB output: DC5V can be output for other products.

Operation method

  • Negative ions are turned on at the same time in any mode, and in any mode state, the negative ion can be controlled to open or close independently.
  • Indicator operation
  • The definition of air quality indications: When the red light is on, the air quality is bad; when the blue light is bright, the air quality is poor and the green light is bright.
  • Air quality indicator: When the product is connected to the power, the air quality indicator is red, green, and blue. After the air quality indicator is turned on, the air quality indicator displays green. After the preheating time (about 3 minutes), in any mode state, the machine is the machine, the machine is the machine, the machine is the machine, and the machine is the machine. Convert the color of the indicator light according to the air quality.
  • Negative ion indicator: When the negative ions are turned on, the negative ion white indicator breathe. When the negative ion is turned off, the negative ion indicator light is extinguished.
  • 工作指示:自動模式時,,1-2-3檔白色指示燈長亮,負離子白色指示燈呼吸;手動一檔時,1檔白色指示燈長亮,負離子白色指示燈呼吸;手動二檔時, Turn to 2 white indicators long and bright, negative ion white indicator breathing; when manually three gear, convert to 3 white indicator lights long, negative ion white indicator to breathe; when turning off the function, all indicators and air quality indicators are extinguished extinguished Essence


  • This product filter element is recommended to replace the filter element every three months and clean up every half a month.
  • Do not wash with water when cleaning the filter element. Please use a hair dryer to blow the internal blowing of the filter, or a soft brush and a toothbrush to clean up and attach it to the filter meter to avoid dust.
  • When cleaning the filter element, do not knock the filter element, otherwise it will destroy the internal structure of the filter element, which will not achieve the filtering effect.
  • The scope of this product is 5-10 square meters. If you use large space, please use the appropriate product.