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[3ABESTBUY] Portable HEPA filtering negative ion anti -allergic air purification machine cleaning machine


feature of product

  • Three -stage purification/smart screen/active carbon filtration/negative ion purification/effective purification air/ultra mute
  • High -quality replacement HEPA H12 filter smoke PM2.5 Clean air portable purifier
  • Professional filtering and dewage technology
  • Smart display screen, air quality perception display (red/yellow/green)
  • It is convenient to get rid of the restraint, and wherever you need to purify
  • 360 -degree air circulation, comprehensive three -dimensional purification
  • Endurance upgrades built -in 10000mAh battery, high -efficiency can make the whole house air fresh
  • Multiple purification filter, equipped with HEPA active carbon composite filter, purify air
  • Use a brushless motor to provide three sections of air volume, and even the sound of the book becomes so clear
  • The noise reduction airway, with the dual -gravity DC motor, warm the warm lamp newly protects every quiet night

    Product specification

    • Material: ABS/filter element/line board
    • Size: 160 * 160 * 268mm
    • Weight: 1.25kg
    • Battery: 1000mAh
    • Charging voltage/current: DC5.0V/1500MA
    • Battery power: 37W
    • Negative ion concentration: 8*10pcs/cm3
    • Execution standard: GB706.45-2008
    • Ozone concentration: <0.05ppm
    • Single filtration efficiency (%): 99.5%
    • Fan power: first gear /1.7W; second gear/3.5W; third gear/5W
    • Fan current: first gear/450mA; second gear/910mA; third gear/1300mA
    • Applicable area: 50-60 pings
    • Filter element life: 3-6 months
    • Contents: Purifier one/charging cable*1/instruction manual
    • Warranty for one year