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[3ABESTBUY] 2021 latest Mu light light ~ Super cute pet cat night light /atmosphere light /bedside lamp /accompanying night light


Cat slaves😽Don't miss it!

This pet atmosphere light has colorful and soft light. In addition, a super cute cat puppet can be placed in the hole of the atmosphere. It looks at not only healing in my heart, but also sleeps more warmly.💤

The most important thing for a whole day is the most comfortable sleep at night. If you like pets, try a bed and try it!

 Product specifications:

  • Color: white, pink, green
  • Product size: 130*130*143mm
  • Product function: night lights, atmosphere lights
  • Material: Tochigi+ABS
  • Accessories: USB cable
  • Contents: lights, doll cats, manuals, USB cables
  • Power parameter: 1.2W
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAhh
  • Battery model: 18650
  • Working voltage/current: 5V/1000MA
  • Weight: 0.33kg
  • Light source: Wuji Light
  • Power Supply: Company Products
  • Guarantee period: 30 days [From the date of shipment]