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【3AbestBuy】2020 latest~hand-held multi-function suction blow dual-use/can suction vacuum bag of the vacuum cleaner (attached to the vacuum bag suction nozzle)

product features:

  • better than the first generation of the suction force stronger than twice the
  • new features can absorb all kinds of vacuum bag
  • dust blowing/suction dual cleaning expert
  • cleaners employ wind large suction strong rotational concentricity is high, the power remains 4. 5Kap strong suction
  • blow simple stylish design with strong blowing force while the weight of only 465G than a bottle of mineral water is also light
  • to use USB charging, recycling charging for 1000 times or so, use after 5 years is still 60% of electricity, rapid charging, about 4 hours full of the
  • oblong suction head of the suction-Packed for the office, home, car, keyboard, computer and a variety of dust home corners. The air conditioning vent and other processing to clean more thoroughly
  • washable HEPA filter reusable removable cleaning filter Assembly, HEPA filter net, can be repeated use no consumables, Environmental Protection and more save money
  • using ABS thermoplastic polymer material, toughness is good, the wind strong, time-saving
  • variety of ways of charging optional PC, mobile power and other
  • power supply; built-in battery 2000 mAh*2)


  • rated power: 80W
  • product net weight: 465 G
  • voltage: DC 5V
  • filter: HEPA filter
  • suction: the 4500ap
  • built-in battery: 2000 Ho Ann*2
  • wire length is 800mm +30 mm
  • product size: 65*65*215mm
  • place of production: China
  • warranty: one year
  • accessories: brush/flat mouth tip/round mouth of the suction head/ USB charging cable/vacuum storage the suction nozzle