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[3AbestBuy] Fashion Jazz Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker

Jazz Wood
Jazz Black
Jazz Orange

Stylish interior design, powerful sound bar~And has a mobile phone wireless charging function, high-quality bass and120wSound effects, by4A powerful system of speakers,subwooferAnd bass lightning technology to create a true wireless stereo effect~

feature of product

  • Elegant design
  • High-quality materials:PULeather, wood and textiles
  • 120Watt high-power stereo power
  • 2.1Channel speaker system:
  • 2х10 W midrange driver, rich sound
  • 2х20 WTweeter, clear high frequency
  • 60WSubwoofer can bring deep and rich bass
  • Trading platform support
  • Wireless: compatible with all popular Bluetooth devices
  • Includes all popular connections: Bluetooth,RCASPDIFAUXUSB
  • 2AUSBOutput: useJazzCharge your smartphone
  • Infrared remote control
  • Wireless charger

Product specifications

  • Bluetooth:v5.0
  • frequency:35 Hz-20 kHz
  • Audio power amplifier:Dlevel
  • Output Power:120W2x10 W + 2x20 W + 60 W
  • MP3player
  • interface:DC-INUSB Type-AAUX,Bluetooth,RCASPDIF,microphone