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To prevent hacking of the lens anti-spy patch(3 in)

introduction Products
List List List List List▲perfect fit design, laptop to easily cover
the list List List List List▲100% coverage you Lens,prevent hackers endoscope against a privacy 
List List List List List▲mobile phone, laptop, tabletcan use
the list List List List▲simple to use, you need to use the lens, slide the easy open can
list 3M list▲back patch, firmly attached, leaving no residue glue

product specifications
list list list▲contents: lens anti-spy patch a set of 3 into the
the list list▲size: 2.2×0.8×0.1 cm
list list▲warranty: No
List List
▲manufacturing: lunar
List List List List▲Free Shipping

phone, the laptop, the tablet can be used to prevent hackers you to spy on the privacy

simple to use, you need to use the lens, easily can slide open the

3M backing firmly attached without leaving adhesive residue, will not let your phone lens cover the residual