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What to do if the product is defective

If you have any questions after receiving the product inspection, please click "" under "My Account"contact us》Fill in the order number, product name, reason for replacement of the product, and send it out after filling in. We will arrange for the freight company to contact you and pick up the goods within 7 days (excluding 6 days).
According to the "Consumer Protection Law", consumers enjoy seven days from the date of deliveryObservation periodRights. butObservation periodIt is not a trial period. Therefore, the goods you return must be in a brand new state and fully packaged (including the product body, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and the completeness of all accompanying documents or information). Don’t miss any Accessories, please do not disassemble and inspect the product by yourself or damage the original box. The original box and original packaging are part of the product, or there may be loss, damage or missing parts, which may affect your rights to return the product, and may also deduct the necessary expenses for restoring the original condition according to the degree of damage.
Intimate reminder: 10 working days will be counted from the day after the application for the exchange. If the exchange cannot be completed because you cannot contact you, it will be automatically cancelled and the exchange application cannot be submitted again. Please forgive me.