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Seven-day test award period can return it

under the Consumer Protection Act, online shopping consumers enjoy the goods the goods to the date of the seven days of the due reward of the period of interest.※ Pre-order merchandise is not included in this limit.

Test award period is not a trial period, so you returned merchandise must be new condition and complete packaging(including product body, accessories, gifts, guarantee, original packaging and all accompanying documents or completeness of information), please do not missing any parts and disassembled to check the goods or damage to the original outer box. The original factory box and original factory packaging belongs to the goods part of, or have lost, damage and missing pieces, may affect your return rights, may in accordance with a damage degree of a deduction is reinstated, the necessary fee.

Such as the purchase of goods are computer software, games, Audio CDs, food, supplies, personal hygiene items and customized goods, under the Consumer Protection Act, after unpacking in addition to defective products does not apply to return.

【Return refund application instructions]
• the return goods must be returned complete product contains accessories, gifts, guarantee, original packaging and all accompanying documents or completeness of information, if damaged no refund(defective product with the exception of.
• Return request is completed, partners will contact you with a return pickup arrangements. Pickup is completed, please retain the delivery to pick up document, to facilitate future query.
• Part of the cooperation of manufacturers to return jobs in a different way, please cooperate with the vendors to complete the return operation, such as: self sent back.
• If you have already received the invoice(or a discount of a single signature), please return to: New Taipei City Lin Kou district Zhongxiao Road No. 20, 13th floor BG World Vision Co. Ltd. Received. Please retain the registered documents.
• The application returns the following day from the date of 10 working days, if due to inability to contact, the goods are not sent back to unable to complete the return job will automatically cancel the return request, and cannot be again filed.

Remind your
• commodity outer box please do not directly paste the logistics of a single shipment, please plus the outer bag, to avoid damage to the merchandise the outer box or original packaging, affect your return rights.
• Purchase a variety of goods, due to different manufacturers shipments, please individual reduction of packaging.
• Please return product packaging to enclose: name, phone, mail, order number, address, to facilitate the return of the job query.