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How to handle cancellation, return and refund

※Pre-ordered products are service products of overseas purchasing agent. Except for defects, no return or exchange is accepted for any reason.

To handle unsubscription/return of goods, please click "contact us》Fill in the order number and the email you entered when ordering. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the application. We will arrange for the delivery company to contact you and pick up the goods within 7 working days.

[Refund application instructions]

• The returned product must be returned to the complete product including accessories, gifts, guarantee, original packaging and all accompanying documents or information. If damaged, no refund will be made (except for defective products).
• After the return application is completed, the partner manufacturer will contact you about the return and pickup. After the pick-up is completed, please keep the home delivery pick-up receipt for future inquiries.
• Some cooperative manufacturers have different return operations, please cooperate with the manufacturers to complete the return operations, such as: self-return.
• Triple invoice (with discount slip stamped), please send the invoice back to: BG Wrold Vision Co. Ltd, 13th Floor, No. 20, Zhongxiao 1st Road, New Taipei City for collection. The discount slip can be photographed and emailed to the customer service mailbox or mailed in paper. Please keep the registered receipt.
• 10 working days from the day following the application for return. If the return cannot be completed due to the inability to contact and the product has not been returned, the return application will be automatically cancelled and the application cannot be re-applied.
• When purchasing goods, you will receive a discount coupon to offset the consumption amount. Once the discount and payment is completed, please understand that you cannot handle the requirements for refunding the discount coupon when canceling an order or returning the product.

Notice for Exchange Application
Remind you
• Please do not directly paste the logistics list on the outer box of the product. Please add a packaging bag to avoid damage to the outer box and original packaging of the product and affect your right to return.
• When purchasing a variety of products, please restore the packaging individually as they are shipped by different manufacturers.
• Please attach personal information: name, phone number, mailbox, order number, address to the outer packaging of the returned goods to facilitate the return operation.

According to the "Consumer Protection Law", consumers enjoy the rights of a seven-day observation period from the date of arrival of the goods. ObservedperiodIt is not a trial period. Therefore, the goods you return must be in a brand new state and in a complete package (including the product body, accessories, gifts, warranty, original packaging and the completeness of all accompanying documents or information). Please do not miss any Accessories, please do not disassemble and inspect the product by yourself and damage the original box. The original box and original packaging are part of the product. If there is any loss, damage or missing parts, it may affect your right to return the product, and may also be deducted according to the degree of damage as necessary to restore the original state.※Pre-ordered products are not limited here.