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What is credit card 3D verification

3AbestBuy cooperates with HiTRUSTpay, and has passed the international organization certification (PCIDSS) cash flow system, combined with API (toolkit) to use RSA encryption and decryption technology to ensure the security of data transmitted between merchants and Payment Gateway.

3-D Secure A more secure online payment mechanism

If you cannot jump out of the 3D verification code page when making a payment, it is related to the issuing bank not providing 3D verification. Please check with the issuing bank first.

If you have not applied for 3D verification, please select the SMS code (dynamic) verification, and the bank will send a temporary SMS to the mobile phone number registered with your credit card.

It is recommended to change the credit card test. If the credit card has the 3D network swipe verification function, IE or Chrome is the preferred browser. Please try again later during the network congestion period, thank you.

Possible reasons for not receiving the text message for more than five minutes:
1. The bank-side system is busy or has heavy traffic during peak hours, please try again later
2. The personal phone number of the credit card application is not updated, please update your personal contact information with the bank